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Latest Makes
VW / Volkswagen

Latest Models
Honda Civic
Honda Odyssey
Dodge Caliber
Ford Explorer
Chevy Venture
VW Passat

Honda Accord
Dodge Dakota
Chevy Silverado

VW Beetle
Ford F150
GM E250
Ford Mustang

Transmission Repair Types
Fluid Service
Transmission Cooler

Automatic Overhaul
CVT Replacement

Valve Body
Pump Replacement

Pressure Control Solenoid

Common Symptoms
Check Transmission Light
Fluid Loss/Leaking
Erratic Shifting
Late Shifting
No Drive / No Reverse
Will Not Move Forward
Check Engine Light
Shifting Problems


Transmission Models
4T60E / 4T65E
E4OD / 4R100
5R55E / 5R55S
4L60E / 700R4
47RE / 48RE


Types of Transmission Repairs


There are several problems that can be resolved with an adjustment.  If a transmission is shifting too early or too late, it may require an adjustment to the throttle cable. Since throttle cables rarely go out of adjustment on their own or due to wear and tear, these mis-adjustments are usually due to other repair work or damage from an accident.

If the vehicle has a vacuum modulator instead of a throttle cable, there is an adjustment that can be made using an adjustment screw in some modulator designs.  In vehicles with modulators, however, it is very important that there are no vacuum leaks and the engine is running at peak efficiency.

In some transmissions, bands can be adjusted to resolve "slipping" conditions.  Slipping is when an engine races briefly when the transmission shifts from one gear to the next.

Replace Accessible Parts / Fix External Problem

There are a few parts that are accessible without requiring the removal of the complete transmission such as electrical solenoids, the valve body, linkage assembly, and other electrical parts.  These are serviceable by simply removing the oil pan.


A transmission is resealed in order to repair external transmission fluid leaks.  If you see spots of red oil on the ground under the car, your transmission may be a candidate for a reseal job.  Most of the external seals can be replaced while the transmission is still in the car but, if the front seal must be replaced, the transmission must first be removed from the vehicle in order to gain access to it, making it the same as a complete rebuild.

Rebuild / Complete Overhaul

In a complete overhaul (also known as rebuilding a transmission), the transmission is removed from the vehicle and completely disassembled with the parts laid out on a workbench. Each part is inspected for wear and damage and then either cleaned in a special cleaning solution, or replaced with another part depending on its condition. Parts that have friction surfaces, such as bands and clutches are replaced as are all seals and gaskets. The torque converter is also replaced, usually with a remanufactured one.

Technical service bulletins are checked to see if the auto manufacturer recommends any modifications to correct design defects that were discovered after the transmission was built. Automobile manufacturers often make upgrade kits available to transmission shops to resolve these design defects.

Remanufactured Unit vs. Rebuild Existing

When a transmission requires an overhaul, there are generally two options that you have.  The first is to remove your existing transmission and rebuild it, then put the same, newly rebuilt unit back in your car.  The second option is to replace your existing unit with another unit that has already been remanufactured.

Used Transmissions

Junkyard transmissions normally have high miles and no guarantees. Added to that, the exact make, model, engine size and computer coded transmission has to be installed in your vehicle. Many times, you will be responsible for the labor costs (several hundred dollars) and fluid costs (around $50) of removal and reinstallation if the first unit does not work properly. For every unit that does not work properly, the costs of installing a junkyard unit will double. If the unit is found to have high mileage (there is no way to tell), the unit will fail at any time. 

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